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Ecotype Consulting

Licensed Architects in California

Ecotype Consulting is a LEED proven provider for building design and construction. Recognized by Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), we work along with LEED reviewers, which allows us to invest in quality control further.

What We Do

We have unique expertise to help people design, build green buildings. We help our clients with the data, which drives them to know how to reduce the emission, maintenance, operational cost, and deliver a healthy indoor environment.

The Technical Staff

Our role is to optimize the communication effort between project stakeholders, ensure adherence to project sustainability goals and to assure the quality of the design, construction, calculations, documentation, and technical analyses that demonstrate compliance with green building standards.

Ecotype Consulting

Our Expertise

We have expertise in LEED consulting, CALGreen compliance, energy analysis, Title 24 design compliance, Title 24 acceptance testing, building systems commissioning, and greenhouse gas inventories.

We provide services for non-residential and multi-family residential building owners, design professionals, and contractors.

Recognized & Certified

LEED® Proven Provider™ for the Building Design and Construction rating system family by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).Commissioning, Calgreen, Ecotype Consulting in Southern California,

Building Energy Analysis in Southern California, Green Building Certification in Southern California.

Ecotype Consulting